The company

We're a young information technology venture, developing cutting edge
machine learning solutions.

Our specialty is
deep learning for natural language processing & image recognition.


Delivering on AI

We consult on as well as implement AI projects.

Our unique combination of scientific expertise with consulting know-how enables us to guide you all the way from opportunity identification to impact.

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Based in Zurich, we offer our services from Switzerland to the world.

+41 79 455 52 17

Zweierstrasse 165, 8003 Zurich

Give us a shout at info@caplena.com

Key differentiators

Choosing Caplena is not the worst of ideas

We actually know AI

We can, e.g., explain how we created these embeddings, and what to use them for.

We actually do projects

We may not be the best at talking about innovation, but we have a proven track record of getting such projects done.

Our team

Our team combines a very unique set of skills

Our team has published in peer-reviewed scientific journals[1], [2], won international AI competitions [3] and worked at top-tier strategy consultancies. [BCG, Bain]

But most of all we are entrepreneurs, focused on delivering results.

1 | Identifying opportunities

We help you discover opportunities where AI might be relevant for your business. As result, we provide you a basis for decision on each case, including its potential strategic value as well as an estimation of technical complexity involved.


2 | Project structuring

With a clear picture of the goal in mind, we help you in getting the project off the ground. Topics include assistance in the make-or-buy decision, vendor evaluation, organisation of the team as well as definition and measurement of metrics / KPIs.


3 | Project implementation

Our output is not limited to slides - we accompany projects all the way to the end. Depending on the application, Caplena can either be the core technology contributor & implementor, or serve as go-to place for technical questions or issues dealing with human - machine interaction.


Feedback analysis

Automatic categorization of open-ended texts.

Development of entire SaaS solution by Caplena.

In use by dozens of customers
[Swiscom, Joyn, Link, ...]
with more than 5M feedbacks evaluated through the platform.

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Insurance claims

Automatic damage detection based on images.

Development of core machine learning logic by Caplena.

Integrated into customer's applications and piloting at global insurance companies over 4 countries.

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Voice of the customer

Caplena delivered the core components for our future damage capturing applications. They provided a complete package from data preparation, managing labelling, building the machine learning model to deployment on our servers. We look forward to continue working with them towards the global rollout.

Pascal Stucki, Head of Development, R3PI

Voice of the customer

As Swiss market leader in the insights industry, we at Link were looking for novel solutions to become more efficient at analyzing open-ended questions. Caplena became our tool of choice, enabling us to speed up our coding process and taking on new kinds of projects, all while being extremely easy to use.

Thomas Bauer, Head IT Operations at Link

Voice of the customer

At success drivers we were in need of a powerful text-analysis platform for our new NPS.ai product. After evaluating a number of commercial and open-source solutions we found caplena, which outperformed all alternatives by a mile. We now use caplena to perform insightful and automated key driver analysis on NPS surveys for our clients and can wholly recommend it.

Dr. Frank Buckler, CEO & founder at Success Drivers

Voice of the customer

At Factworks we were looking for an efficient and reliable solution for analyzing open-ended survey responses to complement our offering in Text Analytics. The intelligent algorithm of Caplena has increased our efficiency with both tracking and ad hoc studies and the team is very responsive and capable of providing even highly customized solutions.

Selina Pietsch, Analyst at Factworks

Maurice Gonzenbach

Maurice Gonzenbach

MSc ETH, Computational Science & Engineering

Full stack developer of 14y; Machine Learning expert for natural language problems; Hands-on entrepreneurial and consulting experience.

Bain & Company | ETH juniors
Co-Founder of Caplena

Pascal de Buren

Pascal de Buren

MSc ETH, Interdisciplinary sciences

Backend developer & IT project manager of 7y; Machine Learning expert for image & natural language problems; Hands-on entrepreneurial and consulting experience.

BCG | ETH juniors
Co-Founder of Caplena